About Skills Tech

SkillsTech is a National Education and Training Management Company focusing on the development and vocational training of apprentices and artisans in the field of diesel mechanics, electricians, welders, plumbers, maintenance fitters, mill writes, etc. We have Memoranda of Understanding and Service Level Agreements with several accredited industry leading FET Colleges throughout South Africa, which enables us to offer a quality service to our selected clients.

SkillsTech and Skills for Africa, an accredited education and training company focusing on agricultural and management training, are affiliated companies and this relationship ensures that we can offer a wide range of products and services in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

SkillsTech has a Quality Management System in place to ensure quality training inputs and a Management Information System to capture training data according to the requirements of SETAS and SAQA.


Learners attending a tractor course

Our Values

  • Integrity

SkillsTech undertakes at all times to be open and honest, subscribe to a high level of ethics, meet deadlines, ensure accurate information and reports, have no hidden agendas, and keep our commitments.

  • Mutual Respect

Mutual respect at all levels is the key to a positive culture.  We strive therefore to be courteous, tolerant, humble, valuing diversity and having a desire to seek consensus.

  • Professionalism

We shall strive for the highest levels of professionalism in all aspects of service and quality by being consistent, punctual and innovative in our quest for personal and company excellence and growth.

  • Teamwork

We recognise that everyone is unique, and the positive utilisation of those unique skills in working towards common goals, will secure better and quality results.

  • Accountability

We shall take responsibility for our roles, actions and personal growth, and be accountable in ensuring the highest levels of cooperation and performance.


Our Vision & Mission

We aim to be the leading Centre of Excellence that is principle driven to provide quality artisan and related education and training, and proudly contributes to the upliftment of the people of Southern Africa.

Our mission is to be the training partner of choice in our selected industries that provides, facilitates and manage quality technical qualifications and skills training in Southern Africa.

Company Operations

Training Objectives

  • At all times use the most current technology in our training programs;
  • Provide our clients with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve their specific developmental goals through accredited skills programs and qualifications;
  • SkillsTech embraces the Environmental drive and fully participates and promotes the environmental drive into the Sector Skills Plan initiated by the Department of Environmental affairs;
  • Facilitate and manage institutional training of Apprentices with chosen accredited FET Colleges;
  • Facilitate and manage practical workplace experience and practical training of apprentices with employers;
  • Facilitate the workplace accreditation of employer workshops;
  • Liaise with SETAS on behalf of employers;
  • Assist employers with the completion of their Skills Development plans and annual reports to SETAS.

Current Ownership, Directors, Management & Training Capacity

  • Mr. JH Potgieter, more than 30 years’ experience in the HR management and training fields (Director and shareholder);
  • Mr. Herman Potgieter 12 years’ experience as Millwright and production management;
  • Mr. Isaac Ndou, more than 10 years’ experience in training. (Training Manager);
  • Skills for Africa administrative personnel (More than 14 years’ experience in training administration and finance)
  • SkillsTech has employed several qualified training facilitators to render technical skills programs;
  • SkillsTech has Memorandums of Understanding and Service Agreements with 5 highly qualified and accredited Further Education and Training Colleges. Apprentices do their institutional training at these Colleges.


SkillsTech is proud to be associated with all our clients. Karsten Farming Group, Schoeman Farming Group, Bufland Farms, ProPlum Farms, Highveld Mushrooms, Denmar Estate, Dirlyn Farms, Groengoud Farms, Morone Citrus, Rainbow Chicken, the SRCC, The Waitrose Foundation, WESGROW and Wilde Klawer Farms are but a few of our valued clients.

We manage the Apprenticeship programs of several companies on their behalf as well as their skills training and skills development planning. We conduct interviews with potential apprentices on behalf of employers, identify potential apprentices or artisans for employers and assist employers with appointment procedures.

Programs Offered


  • Diesel Mechanics;
  • Electricians;
  • Millwrights;
  • Maintenance Fitters;
  • Plumbers;
  • Cooling Technicians;
  • Welding and Boiler Makers.

Skills Programs

  • Farm Assistant: Machine Operator Program;
  • Farm Assistant: Fitting;
  • Tractor Maintenance;
  • Tractor Operator;
  • Gas- and Arc Welding.